Deer Leads Police In High Speed Chase Through Sam’s Club In California

Deer Sam's club

I wonder what the police code is for “we’ve got a deer loose in a warehouse store.”

It’s hard to imagine there’s a code for something that specific, but police in Corona, California probably wish they had one when a young deer went running into a Sam’s Club warehouse store. Authorities were baffled as to how it got into the building, considering it didn’t have a Sam’s Club membership card.

Without one, it wasn’t going to be able to purchase of the items sold in bulk from the store, or any of Sam’s Club’s delicious, ridiculously affordable menu items ($1.38 Hot Dog combo) from their in-store cafe. However, something tells me this deer wasn’t really worried about any of that.

The only thing it was worried about was trying to get the hell out of the Sam’s Club once it got in, and the police chasing it up and down the wide aisles of the store didn’t seem to help all that much. Apparently, the police actually chased the young buck into the Sam’s Club after they received a number of calls that it was wreaking havoc in nearby neighborhoods.

Surveillance video from the Sam’s Club store captured footage of the deer sprinting into the building (like it was there for a Black Friday Sale), then running through aisles and past unsuspecting customers. One woman pushing her cart is shocked when she sees the deer run past her, and even more confused when the officer ran past her and towards the deer.

Police were eventually able to tackle the deer, and held it down (they prefer the term “consoled”) until an animal control unit was able to make its way to the Sam’s Club. The young buck was not harmed in any way during the capture, and the animal was later released in a safe environment by animal control.

You can view the wild video of the deer’s run through the warehouse store at the link below:

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A beer bottle on a dock