Fans Beg Kenny Chesney To Purchase Popular St. John Pub After It Closes Its Doors

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Kenny Chesney… I think this is your guiding light from Jimmy Buffett to keep this place open.

While the U.S. Virgin Islands are a highly tropical environment, the Quite Mon Irish Pub captured the hearts of everyone who walked through their doors. With its motto being “We are 4,000 miles from County Mayo, but you’ll still feel like an Irishman with us,” the pub embodied the Irish drinking spirit with a tropical twist. 

While I never stepped foot in this bar, just learning about it for this blog makes me sad to see it go. $6 hot dogs and a drink called “Blackout Punch,” this sounds like my kind of place.

The establishment recently announced that it was forced to close its doors after 25 years due to a rent increase as prices for both residential and commercial real estate continue to skyrocket. The folks who frequent this watering hole, including country music star Kenny Chesney, are understandably heartbroken.

Kenny Chesney was a frequent bar visitor and took to social media to share his sentiments about how much Quiet Mon meant to him.

“Saying goodbye to a chapter of my island life when I say goodbye to the Quiet Mon pub. Some nights I remember, some nights are hazy. But all nights spent there are branded in my soul and heart forever.

Thanks to the Quiet Mon for welcoming me home after every summer tour, for allowing me to turn the pages of my life in so many ways, and for allowing me to be a part of the wonderful island family that was the Quiet Mon pub. “I wanna play my guitar in the Caribbean sun… Hang with the locals at the Quiet Mon… Where you can be a tourist, a beach bum, or a star… And be as you are.” Goodbye, Quiet Mon. Thank you.”

Accompanied with the caption is a video of Chesney sitting in the empty pub, strumming his guitar and singing “Be As You Are.”

While some fans of Chesney shared their memories at the place, even Ernest saying how much it will be missed, other fans saw this as a PERFECT business opportunity for the island boy.

I think Kenny Chesney needs to take one for the team and purchase the bar. Fans quickly filled up the comments begging the beach-loving artist to purchase the property to keep the bar alive or extend the lease on it for the owners.

“Kenny, If you wanna purchase the place… I’ll take one for the no-shoes nation and come manage and run it for ya.”

“Just buy it, dude.”

“You should buy it, Kenny Chesney!”

“He could pay cash for it and not even notice… Don’t get on and cry making some sappy post about how it’s your favorite place when you easily have the resources to keep it going.”

“With your money, why not buy it?!”

“If it’s closing, why don’t you just purchase it?”

“Kenny, just buy this place!”

“No Shoes Nation should have been able to chip in and buy a piece.”

“Why wouldn’t you just buy it.”

From one island country fan to another… Kenny Chesney, “What would Jimmy Buffett do?” I have a strong feeling he’d say:

“Funny you should ask, Alan… I’d sayPour me somethin’ tall and strong
At the Quiet Mon…” 

If you want to listen to the full track Kenny Chesney sings in his tribute video, fire this one up.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock