Deer Breaks Ice In Mini Pool, & All Its Friends Scatter Like It’s A Gunshot

Deer in kiddie pool

Whitetail deer are some skittish creatures and for good reason.

They are the target of pretty much all natural American predators, like grizzly bear, black bear, mountain lions, coyotes, and wolves, but also they are the most hunted animal in the country, with an estimated 11 million people saying they target deer in the US.

With that many people walking around firing guns in the woods, it only makes sense these creatures would become a bit wary of loud cracking sounds and this video proves just that.

A trailcam with a small pool in view was set up and it just so happened to captured a very telling, but also hilarious scene when the weather got cold enough to freeze the water.

Six whitetail were in frame, all of whom were just poking around to find some food when one of the does began sniffing at the ice in the pool. She then went to take a step onto the ice and her hoof broke through with a loud crack that kicked all her friends into a frantic flight mode.

The other 5 deer bolted, trying to get as far away from that spot as quickly as possible, which left the poor doe standing all by herself, probably feeling a bit embarrassed for what she had done. It’s one of those videos that grows on you the more you watch it and I’ve probably replayed it around 10 times now and my wife has to be wondering what’s so funny that I’m laughing out loud in a room by myself.

Seriously, give this sucker a whirl and show it to your friends. It may just become one of your new favorites.

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