67 Year Old Colorado Woman Gored By Mule Deer, Left With Nasty Wound

Mule deer buck charge wound
CPW/Getty Images

Usually Rudolph is the only deer on the run this time of the year…

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials announced earlier this week that they are searching for a mule deer that attacked and gored a 67-year-old woman who was standing outside of her home in Silver Cliff. Deer are usually non-confrontational, so this situation is being closely monitored.

The woman told officers that responded to her home that she had exited the front door of her house and almost immediately came face-to-face with the buck, which she says had “two spikes on each antler.”

She reportedly did not have much time to react as the mule deer lowered its head and utilized its spikes to puncture the victim’s left leg. Fortunately, she was able to make it back into the safety of her own home, alerted her husband that she was injured, and was later treated at a Colorado hospital.

The nature of the attack has wildlife officials in the area concerned. Some have pointed out the behavioral changes in deer sickened with Chronic Wasting Disease, while others assume that the deer was fed by humans, thus making it more comfortable to approach one.

Mike Brown, the CPW Area Wildlife Manager, had this to say about the incident in the press release:

“A wildlife officer went to investigate and found a bird feeder in the yard. The victim told a CPW officer that she feeds birds and had thrown out bread earlier that day.

I believe this is a good example of what happens when deer lose their natural fear of humans. They become aggressive and dangerous.

This is a good reminder that wild animals should always be treated as such and that people need to give wildlife the space they need. We’re glad this woman wasn’t more seriously injured.” 

If and when the deer is found, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department plan on euthanizing the animal in an effort to reduce the risk of future attacks in the area, specifically with the buck that showed it was violent in nature with this incident.

The photo is pretty gruesome…and it’s just her bruised right leg, not even the puncture wound on her left.

Look away if you’re squeamish:

Deer wound
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
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