“Ozempic Is A Hell Of A Drug… Is This Really Her?” — Fans Speculate About Trisha Yearwood As She Debuts Brand New Look

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Closing out 2023 with a bang — well, actual bangs, that is.

Trisha Yearwood debuted a new look on Instagram, sporting some heavy bangs and new blonde highlights that are perfectly placed and toned, if you ask me.

While she definitely looks different, as anyone would chopping such drastic bangs because it changes the framing of your face, I appreciate her willingness to try something new and bold.

Trisha shared the photos from backstage at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where her husband Garth Brooks is currently doing his Garth Brooks/Plus ONE residency:

“Closing out Vegas ‘23 with a bang! Special thanks to Glenda for the gorgeous blonde balayage, Ray Wynn Las Vegas Salon for the bangin’ haircut, and Lypservice for the glam.

Those red lips tho! Merry Christmas, and love one another!”

I mean, I can only hope to look half this good when I’m almost 60 years old…

But of course, the new look led some fans and followers to feel the need to put in their two cents about it, in addition to some speculating about her recent weight loss and the possibility that she might be on Ozempic since so many celebrities are currently on the drug.

There are tons of comments about it not only on this post, but plenty of others on other recent photos as well.

It’s obviously Trisha’s business whether or not she wants so share about any of that, but some of the comments are just downright rude and the people really want to know if she’s had other work done aside from just cutting bangs and getting her makeup done:

“I asked if she took Ozempic or another med and my comment was removed. Lolololol.”

“She doesn’t even look the same?? Is this really her?”

“This doesn’t even look like her! Did she have facial surgery? Sure she lost weight but her face is definitely not the same!”

“This can’t be Trisha! She doesn’t look like she did.”

“Omg what happens when you can’t take the Ozempic?”

“It’s not the weight issue, it’s her face. She looks completely different.”

“Filters, wig, OZEMPIC!!!!!”

“This doesn’t even look like her? What happened? I don’t like it at all!”

“Ozempic + nose job = this.”

“You hardly even look like you.”

“Lotsa filters and Oz!”

“I don’t think it’s her.”

“Ozempic is a hell of a drug!!!!”

“Someone’s been poppin’ Ozempic…”

“Who is this?? That’s not Trisha Yearwood.”

“Filters on overload.”

“Nope. Not her.”

On the other hand, there were tons of very positive comments with people saying they loved Trisha’s new look:

“Looking phenomenal Trisha!!”

“Beautiful inside and out.”

“Beautiful picture.”

‘LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE BANGS! Looking fab as always!”

“Wow, you look so gorgeous!”

“You’re absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!!”

“Love this look.”

“Absolutely stunning!!!!”

“You really do get more gorgeous every day!!”

“I love it!! The hair!! Amazing!!”

“You’re reverse aging again. Hot, hot, hot.”


“Okay y’all haters need to back off. I’ve seen her this year… This is Trisha Yearwood. She does look like this. She’s hot. Deal with it. Take your jealous butts and move on. I can only hope to look at that good at 59.”

“Ugh, ignore the awful people and their mean comments; You’re gorgeous! Love the bangs!”

“So pretty! My 5 year old just said that’s Barbie!”

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