Carly Pearce Teases One Of Her “Favorite New Songs” Called “My Place”

Carly Pearce country music
Allister Ann

Carly Pearce is taking us out of 2023, teasing new music that I hope drops in 2024.

After a year of great music from Pearce, like her stunning duet with Chris Stapleton, “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” her songwriting again shines brightly on a new single she teased. Pearce took to Instagram to share a few lines from one of her favorite songs she has ever written, “My Place.”

“I wrote this song about that feeling you get after you go through a devastating breakup. Where you find yourself still feeling entitled to what they’re doing, who they’re with… but realizing that those thoughts don’t belong to you anymore.

This song is my realization of that very moment and one of my favorite new songs. This is ‘My Place.'”

She belts out the teaser of the track while her guitar player strums an acoustic by her. As Pearce went through a breakup this year, your mind can’t help but wonder if this relationship fueled this song to come to life.

The lyrics perfectly outline the feelings she detailed in the caption and the thoughts that often flood your head when you are trying to move on but still want to grasp onto the person you had been with.

“It ain’t my place
To question if there’s someone filling my space
Ain’t my business trying to picture 4x6s with her in ’em
If she does things that I didn’t
Wondering what the hell I’m wondering for
It ain’t my place
Cause it ain’t my place anymore…”

Pearce seems like she might have been sitting on this one for a while to make sure she is fully ready to release this vulnerable piece to the world. But I hope she does not sit on it for too much longer because I want to see what else these lyrics hold.

Until then, I will be contributing heavily to the view numbers on this reel.

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