Baby Birds Couldn’t Be More Shocked To See One Of Their Own Get Stolen From The Nest & Then Returned Seconds Later

Bird stolen from nest

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any living thing be more surprised than these baby birds were in this video.

Making it out in the animal kingdom is no easy feat. As our outdoors page has covered time and time again, nature is a very brutal place, and only the strongest and most determined animals survive.

The life cycle of birds is one that most people are familiar with. Birds lay eggs, keep them safe and warm until they hatch, and then the mother bird takes care of the babies until she deems them as ready to take on the world. Pretty simple right?

Well, what if another bird comes along and tries to mess with the order of operations? You can always count on a curveball out in the wild (and if you are an aging pitcher in the MLB), and one definitely came when a jackdaw bird launched an attack on a group of kestrel chicks in their nest.

The little chick that got “bird-napped” didn’t even know what hit it when the jackdaw snapped down on its head and pulled it out of the nest. It’s safe to say that the other baby birds were more careful from that point on, and more aware of their surroundings after witnessing one of their own get snatched up.

However, that wasn’t “all she wrote” for the chick that got grabbed right out of the bird house. The baby birds were maximum shocked (just look at their faces) when a human hand returned the missing chick back into the safety of the nest, and then proceeded to “bird-nap proof” the nest.

Something tells me that the baby bird that miraculously made it through being “bird-napped” will make sure that none of its siblings has to go through what it did, which is probably why the chicks stay huddled together in the back corner of the maximum security bird house for the rest of the video.

Check it out:

I wasn’t overselling how shocked they were at their sibling’s return, was I?

Social media certainly didn’t think so as they left some hilarious commentary below the post:

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