So A Bald Eagle, Black Fox, And Two Red Foxes Visit An Alaskan Woman’s Porch…

Foxes and bald eagle in Alaska

This lady has to be some type of Disney princess.

Alaska truly lives up to its nickname of “The Last Frontier”.

Sure, it’s technically still America, but when you have people living in a frozen tundra with real civilization hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away, surrounded by crazy wildlife like grizzly bear, polar bear, wolves, moose, and wolverines, you quickly understand that those who call it home are a different type of people. A type of people who are very much in tune with the delicate balance of beauty and violence that makes the world turn.

The woman in this video lives in Unalaska, also called Dutch Harbor because it’s where Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch takes place, and opened her door one morning to see a rare, and beautiful, assortment of wildlife.

On the railing was a bald eagle, perched stoically and looking as majestic as ever. Climbing the stairs was a rare black fox and following closely behind were two red foxes.

Is this a normal occurrence in Alaska? My goodness, how cool is that? I love watching birds and get excited if I see an American Goldfinch or Tufted Titmouse, and spotting a fox on the golf course will have me telling every person I know for the next week or so. Seeing this would probably put me over the edge.

To add to my belief that she’s some animal whisperer or fairytale princess, she speaks so softly and calmly to the animals, which is probably why they had no issue hanging out with her. Or… she regularly feeds them, which probably isn’t a good idea…

“Hi babies. Cuties.”

Normally, I would say she should get away from them, but she’s clearly more experienced than me living in Alaska and all, so we’ll just let her do her thing.

I’ve got to get to Alaska…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock