Grizzly Bear Mauls A Cow Moose In Alaskan Driveway

Bear attacks moose in driveway

Beasts doing beast things.

Grizzly bears are omnivores and will eat just about anything that will help them get energy and pack on some fat for the winter… and that includes moose. Feared by many, including hikers, hunters, and campers, they’re probably the most dangerous animal that roams North America.

Any encounter with a grizzly is incredible. Their size, abilities and intelligence are almost shocking no matter how many videos you have watched. They can run fast, climb high and find food just about anywhere.

And anything that can take down a full-grown moose should be feared by all. Moose are a tough animal, the largest in the deer family, and they can be quite aggressive, especially towards the end of winter when food is scare and they’re hungry.

This isn’t a common occurrence to see, though. Grizzlies love moose, but usually go after the young, old or injured.

That proved to be true here as a sow is seen manhandling an old cow moose in someone’s drive way. Watching something manhandle a moose is almost hard to believe. Usually, it takes four able men and some sort of motorized vehicle to move one of these things.

The Alaskan homeowner captured it all on video while completely shocked with what they were witnessing. They summed it all up in the description:

“This brown bear sow chased and caught an adult cow moose in our driveway May 6th ’07. The bear was estimated to be about 500 lbs and the cow moose an older animal.

After dragging the moose a ways the bear dug into the chest cavity and pulled the heart out and ate it.

She then left but came back that night a few times looking for the moose which had been towed down the road by a state trooper and a fish and wildlife guy until the next in line on the moose kill list was notified to come salvage the meat.”


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