Singing Johnny Cash With Billy Strings Has To Be One Of The Best Post Malone Country Music Moments

Post malone and billy strings

Post Malone is just taunting us at this point about making the crossover to country music.

After his CMA Awards performance and his appearance on Hardy’s Hixtape Vol. 3, the country music collective is practically begging him to make the jump into the genre. While I would still consider the work he did with Hardy and Morgan Wallen more on the “mains stream” side of country music, let’s not forget Posty’s venture into the classic country music scene…

Post Malone stepped out on stage last year with bluegrass legend Billy Strings. After you watch this, try to tell me that Post Malone wasn’t a bluegrass star in another life.

And if you are familiar with this clip, why not revisit it now that Post Malone is dabbling more in country?

“I found this guy lurking backstage, and I figured we’d gotta drag him out here to f*cking sing for you.” 

Billy Strings says, introducing Post to the crowd.

Billy Strings is the best to ever fucking do it… thanks for having me up. We’re gonna do a Johnny Cash song.

Post Malone replies as he sets down his beer and cigarette.

The two teamed up for Johnny Cash’s “Cocaine Blues,” and it might be one of the best videos online. Billy Strings is working his pickin’ magic while Post Malone keeps the baseline melody on the acoustic and the vocals.

Posty has a slight little twang but focuses his vocals more on the blues aspect of the track, putting his own spin on the song as he sings:

“Laid in the hot joints takin’ the pillIn walked the sheriff from Jericho HillHe said, ‘Willy Lee, your name is not Jack BrownYou’re the dirty heck that shot your woman down.'”

Billy Strings is in his element, just letting Post have the spotlight as he focuses on keeping the band in check as all of the string elements surround each word that Post sings.

The crowd hoops and hollers as the two perform, leading to an electric atmosphere. You can’t go wrong covering some classic country, and as we have learned since this video was captured, Post Malone and country music go hand in hand.

At this point, I am bucking for these two to hit the studio ASAP. I need them to lay down a studio cut of this track immediately.

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