Jon Pardi Says He’s 112 Days Sober: “I Needed To Take A Break”

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Jon Pardi is 112 days sober.

The country star appeared on an episode of Amazon’s Country Heat Weekly podcast to talk about his Christmas album Merry Christmas From Jon Pardi, where he also let the hosts in on his New Year’s resolution, “facial care.”

It seemed like he was being pretty serious about that which is funny (and awesome), and he also shared that he hasn’t been drinking for the last 3 and a half months or so, as he’s now been sober for “112 days.”

Pardi says the decision came after he found out he was pre-diabetic, and since then, he’s lost a lot of weight and is feeling great.

He also added that this isn’t necessarily a permanent decision, and he can “come out of retirement” at any time, but he really just “needed a break”:

“I’ve been 112 days sober. I’ve lost a bunch of weight, I was pre-diabetic, and I was like, I gotta stop.

But I will say I’m retired, okay, that doesn’t mean I can’t come out of retirement. But for right now, it’s been great, and it just fell off my face.

It was getting to the point where every picture, every video, I was so unhappy with myself, and it was just like, where I was going… I needed to just take a break.”

I think it’s great that he knows his limits and when to put the brakes on, so to speak, especially in an industry where alcohol and drinking excessively is celebrated.

He went on to say that while not drinking ha definitely helped him lose weight, he’s started to make up for it with some of his favorite ice cream:

“For anybody that’s thinking about it, if they wanna lose weight and you do drink, let me tell you, it does help tremendously when you stop.

But then you get the ice cream, the sugar cravings… let me tell you, I love me some ice cream. That’s why I’m like well, I’m not drinking, let me get this Twix candy bar ice cream.”

Hey, we all have some kinda vice, right? And that ice cream sounds delicious…

Pardi also mentioned that he’s going to start working on a new recored in early 2024, which will be produced by Jay Joyce this time and should bring a fun and interesting new take to his music.

You can check out the full interview here:

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