‘In-N-Out’ Opened Its First Idaho Location And The Wait Was 8 HOURS


8 hours… A full workday…

I love fast food, I’ll admit it, and I love trying the “local” chains when travelling and get pumped when something new comes to my area, but come on people what are we doing? When talking about fast food burgers, there’s always that one person who says “Yeah, all those other ones are good, but they don’t compare to In-N-Out”, and I have to call BS on that.

I’ve had the famous California burgers, and they’re good, but you’re really going to tell me their better than 5 Guys? Heck, I’ll take a Culvers butter burger over In-N-Out. Shake Shack? Let’s not pretend In-N-Out is some class of its own… it’s not.

Well, residents of Meridian, Idaho got all fired up when the franchise announced its first location in the Gem State awhile back and just yesterday that restaurant opened and people completely lost their minds.

The wait for a burger, fries, and shake was around 8 HOURS at its peak, and some people even camped out to celebrate the occasion over 30 hours before the store opened. You could drive to Salt Lake City, Utah, get your In-N-Out burger, and drive back in a relatively similar amount of time.

Take a look at the line, I mean you can make a burger that’s pretty much just as good at home and get on about your day…

Naturally, there were more than a few comments made by people online about it…

People never cease to amaze me…

If I was in the area of course I’d eventually go try it out, but do these people not have jobs? How do you support yourself? Did you take off work to eat a burger?

I’m just so confused.

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