Ice Fisherman Accidentally Drives Off While Still Towing The Shelter… With His Buddy Inside

Ice fishing shack drives away
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Man, I feel bad for laughing hysterically at this. Okay I really don’t, but I do have some sympathy for my guy.

According to Field & Stream, Seth Trobec and his buddy Cody Mjolsness were out ice fishing on Minnesota’s Lake Canisteo, which is an old mine pit turned reservoir lake, and it’s chock full of trout.

In the video, you see Mjolsness and Trobec chilling in the shelter, when Mjolsness tells Trobec he’s about to take the snowmobile to get their other buddy who’s back on shore. Trobec is casually sitting in the shanty, closing what appears to be a tackle box and gearing up to get back to fishing in his folding chair.

That’s when all hell quickly breaks loose, as Mjolsness takes off on the snowmobile with the shanty still hooked on.

I’m telling you, this looks like a scene straight outta Jackass, as all of the gear… the folding chairs, heater, poles, the radio, and the GoPro, is flung to the side. Trobec is yelling “HEY” to his buddy, when he finally has to jump out of the shanty onto the ice covered in thick snow.

He told Field & Stream:

“Cody probably figured he’d have to gun it pretty good to get going.”

As Trobec makes his swift escape, you would’ve thought the man was jumping to his death off a 300 foot tall cliff.

Legendary stuff.

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