70 Year Old Army Vet Takes Down Hornets Nest With A Shotgun

Man shoots hornet's nest
KR Smith

This is a lot more fun than using a can of wasp spray…

There’s few things that get your blood pumping like hearing the unmistakable buzz of bees. Honey bees get a lot of credit for being vital to the environment and serving as pollinators for tons of flowers and other flora, but wasps and hornets don’t get the same treatment, although they are beneficial in their own ways. They also serve as pollinators but more importantly do a good job of keeping down populations of other pests, like caterpillars and spiders.

But as anyone who’s been stung knows, that doesn’t make them any more lovable.

Well, a 70-year old Army veteran in western New York saw a large hornet’s nest hanging on a tree in his backyard and decided to do something about it. But rather than going the usual route of buying some spray, covering your mouth, and letting it rip, he chose the most American way imaginable.

The man grabbed his trusty shotgun, took aim, and blasted three perfect shots, blowing the nest apart and pretty much assuring that repopulation wouldn’t be a problem. Fortunately, this took place in winter so they weren’t worried about an angry swarm trying to get revenge.

Quite naturally, some wonderful people in the comment section weren’t too pleased with his extermination method choice, but his daughter provided the below context in the video’s description on why this was actually and all around better way to take care of the problem.

“FAQ for the many concerned “experts” in the comments

-Dad is an Army veteran with a solid understanding of gun safety, including knowing the target and what’s beyond (the “beyond” being many acres of unpopulated rural woodland)…

-Yes, it is winter and the nest may be empty, I believe his main goal was to prevent repopulation

-Yes, other methods would have worked, but this was cheaper and more fun, and dad felt like popping off a few shots that day

-This was genuinely safer than my 70-year-old dad climbing onto the roof with a ladder (seriously, ladders are responsible for many more accidental deaths and injuries than guns)”

Honestly, this is one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. His marksmanship was absolutely incredible, the nest was taken care of, and an elder father was able to show off some serious skills to his family. That’s an all around win for me.

Shoutout to this vet.

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