A Walmart Vest Signed By Viral Former Employee Gail Lewis Is Up For Auction…And The Bid Is Already At $15k

Gail Lewis
Gail Lewis

Move over Taylor Swift, because Gail Lewis might just be the biggest celebrity on the planet right now.

If you’re not familiar with Gail Lewis, first of all, you must not have been on the internet recently. But if you somehow missed it, here’s the quick rundown.

Lewis is a former Walmart employee from Morris, Illinois who posted a video to TikTok recently showing her…well, let’s just say overly dramatic…sign-off after her final day of employment after 10 years, along with a teary explanation that she was leaving because she got a better job but that she would miss her Walmart family.

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The sign-off, reminiscent of the emotional final calls of police and military officers on their last day on the job, quickly went viral online, with people jumping in to thank Gail for her service to her country.

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Gail has become somewhat of a folk hero for her actions during her 10 years at Walmart, with many taking to TikTok to recount her many acts of bravery while serving her country.

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And honestly, it’s one of my favorite things on the internet.

Well TikToker Eric Decker (not to be confused with the former football player) is apparently a big Gail Lewis fan too. So he reached out to the viral sensation and asked for her autograph – but he wanted to fly to her to get it.

Lewis agreed, so Decker flew to Morris, Illinois with a Walmart jersey in hand to get it signed by the store’s most famous former employee.

But instead of keeping the autographed vest for himself, Decker is actually auctioning it off for charity – and even let Lewis pick which charity the proceeds would go to. (She decided to donate the money to the Children’s Miracle Network).

Well the internet being what it is these days, the auction obviously took off – and in just three hours, the bid for the jersey is already up to $15,000, after starting at just $500.

ebay listing Gail Lewis signed vest

The auction still has over 6 days left, so who knows how much it will ultimately end up going for – but it’s all going to a good cause, and who can really put a price on a Gail Lewis signed Walmart vest?

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Most valuable jersey in the world?

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