Matt Rife Once Got Destroyed After Mocking “Yodel Kid” Mason Ramsey’s Birthmark

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It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Matt Rife.

Women went crazy for the comedian with the chiseled jawline and flirtatious crowd work as he blew up on TikTok. But when he released his Netflix special, Matt Rife: Natural Selection, naturally people were offended by some of the jokes that he told.

In response to the controversy, Rife doubled down and trolled his critics with a post on his Instagram story with a link to his “official apology” that was really a link to a website selling special needs helmets.

Since then, Rife has also been beefing with a plastic surgeon who posted a joke (without naming Rife) about sculpting a jawline for a patient only for them to be immediately canceled.

Rife commented on the post (which, again, didn’t even name him):

“Lying about medical history is illegal, just FYI”

And the comedian is also reportedly beefing with a six year old, after an influencer posted a video of her son correcting Rife about a joke in his show where he says that “Jupiter has a ring.”

In the video, posted by Bunny Hedaya, her son responds to Rife’s joke:

“Actually it’s Saturn that has the rings. And it has more also. And you’re mean to girls.”

@bunnyhedaya #stitch with @Netflix Is A Joke ♬ original sound – BUNNY 🐰

Well apparently the video caught Rife’s attention, who posted a since-deleted comment responding to the child by…telling him that Santa’s not real and that his mom buys all of his gifts with her OnlyFans money.

@bunnyhedaya Matt Rife started a fight with the wrong 6 year old. Buckle in. #bunny #bunnyhedaya #mommabear ♬ original sound – BUNNY 🐰

What is even going on now?

Well apparently it’s not the only time that Matt Rife has beef with a child.

A resurfaced Twitter exchange from 2018 has recently started going around again, showing an exchange between Rife and…the Yodel Kid, Mason Ramsey.

Rife had retweeted a picture of Mason Ramsey and Post Malone with a comment about Ramsey’s appearance:

“F*ck’s on your forehead? Some gum?”

And the Yodel Kid (or his handlers who were running his social media at the time) absolutely bodybagged the comedian:

“It’s a birthmark, not all of us are perfect”

Yeah, maybe making fun of a kid, who was only 11 years old at the time, out of nowhere wasn’t the smartest decision…

But Rife quickly realized his mistake and attempted to backtrack with his response:

“You ARE perfect bro. Was genuinely curious lol I’ve got your new single on repeat little man. Keep doin’ big things.”

Getting destroyed by the Yodel Kid. Tough look.

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