“When Others Go Low, I Go Lower” – Jamal Adams With A Totally Mature, Adult Response To Dissing Jets Reporter’s Wife

Jamal Adams
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Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams recently tried to make fun of the wife of a Jets reporter who criticized Adams’ ability to play coverage. It’s long been a shortcoming of Adams’ game, but instead of taking the criticism in stride, he decided to get personal.

Now, Adams has officially doubled down on his deplorable behavior — big surprise, I know — by saying, “When others go low, I go lower.”

To reiterate a point I made about this previously: I get that professional athletes have a unique level of scrutiny when it comes to their job. NFL players in particular have millions watching them on any given night in prime time. But Adams has sown the seeds of resentment within not only the Jets fan base, but apparently with their boots-on-the-ground reporters as well.

Here was the initial barb SNYtv’s Connor Hughes hurtled at Adams, who responded with a photo of Hughes’ wife and said, “Yikes” in a since-deleted post.

Interesting how Adams didn’t have the spine to keep it up, yet chose to stand by his statement. Almost like he doesn’t want there to be receipts or something. This made me chuckle:

I also wouldn’t put it past Jamal Adams to have something like this out there.

Anyway, not exactly breaking news that Adams kinda sucks as a human. Interesting take here by ex-NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins, who I consider a good dude and a super-sharp guy:

Kind of ties in to my point about the heightened scrutiny pro footballers face. However, Adams makes exponentially more money than most teams’ beat reporters combined, I would venture to guess. The high earnings potential he enjoys as an athlete comes at a cost, fair or not, and in the midst of his seventh NFL season, Adams should know better than to pop off about somebody’s spouse like he did. Doubling down on it just makes matters worse for all involved.

When you’ve got Skip Bayless going full CAPS LOCK on something unrelated to LeBron James or the Dallas Cowboys, you know you’ve done something a little messed up.

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