“It’s No Secret What I Have A Proclivity For” – Stephen A. Smith Takes A Moment To Explain Why He Likes Big, Natural Butts

Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith Show

Has Stephen A. Smith become unhinged?

Some might argue that the answer to that question is a resounding, unchallenged “yes,” only because of the clips that have been coming out of The Stephen A. Smith Show as of late. Before we get too far into this take from the all-time-great sports analyst, let me preface everything else by making it clear that this program is not airing on ESPN.

The world-wide leader of sports has Smith producing content for them at an unreasonable, unrivaled pace, but The Stephen A. Smith Show is actually something Smith does for himself (who knows when he finds the time to do it).

When he does his personal show, which is mainly consumed on YouTube, he sometimes strays away from the topic of sports, and has been going viral as of late for some of the takes he has on other, more controversial (non-ESPN) subjects.

The Stephen A. Smith Show has recently opened up to fans with a “Q&A” style segment, where viewers and listeners can ask just about anything, and Smith can respond with…just about anything. In a recent episode, someone simply asked Stephen A. this:

“BBL or natural?”

For those not up to date on their acronyms, BBL stands for “Brazilian Butt Lift,” a procedure that can improve the appearance of the buttocks. It was almost as if Smith had been waiting his entire career to answer that question, because he really got into it with his answer:

“What would I prefer? Well, natural. I would like to state this, because it’s very important. It’s no secret what I have a proclivity for. That has been the case all of my life. My adult life that is.”

Thanks for the clarification on that Stephen A. He continued:

“I have no desire to be with any woman as flat as me. To each his own. But if I got more A’s and T’s than you, nah. I’m on YouTube, I can say ass and tits, but I just didn’t feel like it.

But if I got more of that than you, I don’t need you. I really, really don’t. I’m sorry. Some level of voluptuousness has to exist. I want curves…

I prefer a lot back there. No doubt about it. Legs matter, hips matter. I don’t want you ugly, but you don’t have to look like Halle Berry or Beyonce either.”

I’ll stop right there so you can go ahead and get started on the video. I transcribed about one minute of his thoughts, and the clip goes on for another three minutes after that.

As always, Stephen A. Smith has a lot to say:

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