Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young’s Offensive Line Is So Bad He Tells Reporters It’s Just “God Protecting Me”

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The living, breathing definition of “livin’ on a prayer.”

As a diehard (very sad, obviously) Carolina Panthers fan, this season has been beyond bad. The word “bad” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface with the horrors of this year, actually.

From already-firing our “offensive genius” head coach Frank Reich, to giving up our first round draft pick for next year (and clearly, we should be picking first overall) and also previously trading away our best players in Christian McCaffrey and DJ Moore, it’s been awful decision after awful decision.

Y’all… we’ve won ONE game this season. It’s unacceptable.

And like any business, it all starts at the top, and with the world’s worst, most ineffective and arrogant owner in David Tepper at the helm, coupled with an awful GM in Scott Fitterer, hope is pretty hard to come by. But poor management is a story for a whole other post and I don’t want to raise my blood pressure so early in the morning.

Aside from the fact that our rookie QB and former Alabama, Heisman-winning star Bryce Young has zero real weapons around him, his offensive line is absolutely atrocious.

Any football fan knows you’re offense stands zero chance of being successful with a bad O line, even if you’re Tom freaking Brady… no offensive line, no time to throw the ball or create holes for the running back, and certainly no points are being scored.

Which leads me to this funny (for lack of a better word) interview Bryce did this week with the Charlotte media, where he was asked about the fact that, miraculously, he hasn’t gotten any significant injuries despite the fact the he’s been sacked FOURTY FOUR times (and counting) so far this season… we’ve gotta be close to an NFL record at this point.

And his response is incredible because we are down BAD.

Bryce tells reporters simply that it’s God protecting him, and I know he’s right, because it’s sure as shit not anybody on the offensive line.

He also credits the “people around me” for helping, but if you’re starting off by saying it’s just the grace God, that usually means things aren’t going great:

“That’s God, God protecting me. And of course people around me, and that stuff that’s out of my control.

I’m definitely grateful to be here, and to be healthy and to play. It’s a blessing so I don’t lose sight of that.”

Bless his heart. What a polite, nice way to say you hate your offensive line… Bryce is such a sweetheart.

As a Christian and someone who believes in God myself, I wholeheartedly believe him that it’s purely that divine intervention keeping him from getting hurt.

The hits have been BAD, and non-stop, and Bryce certainly isn’t the biggest QB in the NFL, either.

That’s not to say he doesn’t have any responsibility for the losses this season, but honestly, I do have a pretty hard time placing a lot of the blame on a rookie QB, considering all the circumstances and everything else going on with the team and organization.

Prayers up Bryce… for you, me and everyone else who is unfortunately associated with this organization at the moment. We’re gonna need them.

I haven’t give up on him yet, and I still think he has a lot of potential in the NFL, but a lot of things around him are going to have to change fast if the Panthers want to stop from ruining Bryce’s career before it even really starts.

And of course, Twitter (X) had a lot to say about it too, and the responses gave me a good laugh (and more importantly, stopped me from crying):

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