Wyoming Driver Gored In Chin When Elk Crashes Through Windshield, Misses His Throat By An Inch

Elk crashes through truck windshield
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Talk about bad luck…

If you live out in the country you’re bound to see some large animal get hit, whether it’s you or your buddy, someone in your family… it’s going to happen at some point. Every year, car collisions are a common cause of death to animals, especially during the winter months. Roads are just easier to walk on than the going through the woods so it’s hard to blame them.

There are techniques to minimize these impacts, but sometimes, there’s nothing you can do. Most of the time, these accidents result in only vehicle damage and injury to the animal, but on occasion, it ends up hurting the person driving as well.

Wyoming resident Mike Sepos came out on the ultra-unlucky, but at the same time, VERY lucky… side of things.

He was driving through the night in Summit County, Utah, on his way home to Evanston, Wyoming when the dash cam recording captures a massive bull elk in the road. Clearly traveling along at highways speeds, the vehicle or the elk never stood a chance. BOOM…

The result was terrifying. The driver actually ended up being gored by an antler that came through the windshield, which is everyone’s fear with animal that has two pointed swords attached to its head.

“The antler came through the windshield and managed to gore me in the chin. It was a very close call”

Close call doesn’t begin to describe it…

“Yeah, I got seven stitches in the chin. They just glued my hand, a little slice there. I also had some bruising from the airbag, but we’re OK”

Craziness. Just an inch in any direction and he takes that antler in the mouth, in eye, or even the throat. Sepos came away with a keepsake though.

He managed to keep the antler that gored his chin and now proudly displays the spike in his home.

Cue the “Life is a Game of Inches” speech from Any Given Sunday.

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