Fans Were Furious When A Detroit Christmas Concert Teased An Appearance From Taylor Swift And Then Brought Out An Impersonator

Taylor Swift impersonator
Getty Images/@ItsGabiJones via TikTok

Ok, that’s pretty funny.

Obviously this year Taylor Swift has had the biggest tour, maybe of all time, so getting the opportunity to see her in person has become basically a combat sport. And she was even just named TIME’s Person of the Year for 2024.

So an arena full of people recently thought they hit the jackpot and were going to get a surprise performance from the superstar herself.

During iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball 2023 in Detroit, hosted by local radio station 95.5 at Little Caesars Arena, the hosts pulled a fast one on concertgoers as they had the whole place thinking that Taylor Swift was about to appear on the stage:

“She’s arguably having the best year of anyone ever. Is anybody familiar with a song called ‘Cruel Summer?’ Does anybody know some song called ‘Karma?’

In her Jingle Ball Era…make some noise, for…”

Trailer Swift.

No, that’s not a typo. It was hard to hear over the roar of the crowd, but instead of Taylor Swift, they were actually introducing Trailer Swift, a Taylor Swift impersonator played by 95.5 producer Kristin Penrose.

And the crowd’s excitement quickly went from excitement to confusion to annoyance.

@sophia.eli4 taylor swift at the jingle ball!!!! #CapCut #955jingleball #taylorswift #erastour #swiftie ♬ original sound – Sophia

You can hear the moment the crowd realizes what’s going on and all the energy gets sucked from the room, as screams of “What the f*ck?” come from disappointed Swifties.

Now, I don’t really feel sorry for the fans. But I DO feel sorry for that poor impersonator. Because as soon as she stepped on stage and people realized she wasn’t the real thing, apparently the entire arena sat down, with reports that some were even booing.

I mean, it’s not Trailor’s fault that they set her up for failure. But she had to know this was coming, right?

@melanietraver Not a radio station announcing that Taylor Swift was coming out and then sending a poor impersonator out to disappoint 20,000 people! At one point people started to boo. They threw her to the lions! #jingleball2023 #jingleballdetroit #taylorswift #nottaylorsversion #WhoApprovedThis ♬ original sound – Melanie Traver

But fans were definitely not happy about the head fake…

@itsgabijones @Channel 955 @Mojo in the Morning dont do that to a SWIFTIE! but i will still wake up to win those tickets tomorrow 😭😭🥺🥺#fyp #jingleball #channel955 #trailerswift ♬ original sound – Gab Savage

@itsdaavaaadbitch not Channel 95.5 in Detroit bringing out a fake Taylor Swift at Jingle Ball …. #trailerswift #wtf #jingleball #channel955 #taylor #taylorswift #nottaylor ♬ original sound – It’s Daavaaad, Bitch!

Of course the crowd still got to see a hell of a show, which featured performances from Jelly Roll, Usher, Flo Rida and others.

At least I think it was them. But now, you never really know who you can trust…

@bambifolklore count your days 95.5 #swifttok #jingleball #trailorswift #swiftie ♬ original sound – shelby

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