Michigan Woman Caught Shoplifting At Walmart During “Shop With A Cop” Event

Police officer Walmart
Fox 2 Detroit

There’s bad luck, and then there’s just stupidity. This woman who picked a terrible day to steal from Walmart experienced a little bit of both (maybe even a lot bit, if that’s an acceptable phrase).

Over 70 police officers were inside a Michigan Walmart for a “Shop with a Cop” event, which allows for kids of less fortunate families to go on shopping sprees for whatever they might need around Christmas time. Michigan State Police Lt. Rene Gonzalez spoke to FOX2 Detroit about the program, saying:

“We bring children that might otherwise not have a good Christmas get to come to the store. They get $100, sometimes a $150 gift card to go and shop for themselves with you or their family.”

Pretty easy to agree that “Shop with a Cop” is an undeniably beneficial program for children that might not have the best home life. The charity event makes for a great day for kids that otherwise might have a tough holiday season, and gives the police officers located in the region a chance to connect with the youth.

A couple of weekends ago, it also gave the officers a chance to be “on duty” while they were supposed to be enjoying the event thanks to a real life Grinch (and certified idiot) that tried to shoplift $730 worth of merchandise from the Walmart store while “Shop with a Cop” was happening. You would think that the presence of almost 100 police officers (in full uniform) inside the building might deter a potential shoplifter, but one woman didn’t seem to mind.

Lt. Rene Gonzalez gave his thoughts on the ridiculous matter, stating:

“I do have to say it surprised me because when I’m driving a patrol car, people slow down. When you see 75 cops in a store, I mean, I don’t know if maybe they thought we were too busy.”

The 62-year-old woman packed her cart full of all kinds of groceries, clothes, toys, and other items from inside the Walmart, and even though there was basically an army of police officers in the store with her (as well as a cavalry of squad cars parked outside), she decided to press her luck, and stormed out of the Walmart.

Ironically enough, the shoplifter was parked literally right beside one of the police cars, and was still loading her stolen items into her car when an officer that had left behind their child shopper made their way out to the parking lot to confront the woman. After she couldn’t provide a receipt for the items, the woman was arrested and taken to the Livingston County Jail.

It had to be one of the easiest arrests in the history of…mankind? And it was undoubtedly one of the worst shoplifting attempts in the history of…I guess also mankind.

Although… maybe she thought nobody in there right mind would try to steal with 75 cops in the store, and she could slip out undetected. We’ll never know…

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