Dolly Parton Didn’t Tell Anybody She Planned To Wear A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Uniform During Halftime Performance: “It Was Completely Her Idea”

Dolly Parton
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Anyone still thinking about Dolly Parton‘s show-stealing performance at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game? No, just me?

Dolly shocked the world when she came out onto the field in front of the fans at AT&T Stadium (and all the googly-eyed viewers watching on TV) sporting an iconic Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. Parton has always been known for setting the bar high with her performances, and this one was certainly memorable.

The 77-year-old country (and now rock) star turned a lot of heads with the cheerleading outfit, and probably almost cost one NFL announcer his job because he was so “stirred up emotionally.”

With how she pulled the performance off, and how intricate her instantly-recognizable Dallas Cowboys cheerleading uniform was, you would think that it would have taken an entire team of people to pull it off. But that wasn’t the case…

Danny Nozell, Parton’s manager, spoke with Billboard about his client’s bold Thanksgiving day outfit choice, and revealed that the idea was basically all Dolly’s:

“Dolly didn’t tell or show anyone that she was going to dress as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader until it was time to go to the stage. It was completely her idea. She waited until right before she went to stage and came out of the dressing room to show us all.

When she came out, myself, the security and my staff fainted. I couldn’t tell the difference between Dolly and the cheerleaders. That is the genius of Dolly, and people are still talking about it.”

I doubt they were the only ones that “almost fainted” when they first saw Parton, and yes, people are still talking about it.

Actually, the performance was one that will definitely be talked about for years to come, and her song choices for her shortened set (“Jolene,” “9 to 5,” and “We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You”) were definitely worthy of applause as well.

Dolly’s Thanksgiving show also could not have been better timing for promoting the release of her newest album Rockstar, which became available on November 17th.

Take this as a sign to go listen to Dolly (along with countless other well-known artists) sing rock and roll covers, and while you are here, you might as well fire up her Thanksgiving performance one more time:

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