Brad Paisley Hosted The MLB Draft Lottery And Nobody’s Really Sure Why

Brad Paisley
Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Nothing screams Major League Baseball more than having country music star Brad Paisley announce the results of the 2024 MLB Draft Lottery.

Major League Baseball hosted their winter meetings in Nashville, Tennessee this year, and a critical part of those meeting is figuring out the 2024 draft order. And how else do you determine which professional teams fail and which pro teams succeed other than by the all-powerful ping pong ball draw?

That’s how the MLB has done their draft lottery the past two years, with last year’s taking place in San Diego, California. As I’ve already stated, this year’s edition of the MLB Draft Lottery took place in the “Music City,” and had Brad Paisley heavily involved, which had some people confused:

I’ll tell you why Brad Paisley is announcing the picks…it’s because they’re in NASHVILLE. How else would people watching feel the country music excitement that surrounds the “Music City?” And who else could announce picks better than the 3-time Grammy Award winning artist Brad Paisley?

That wasn’t a good enough explanation for some people on social media, who took time to openly wonder on the internet why Paisley was playing such a large role in the 2024 MLB Draft Lottery:

By the way, the Cleveland Guardians got the first pick if anyone cares…

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