Woman Lays Down In Empty Spot As Hilarious Parking Argument Breaks Out At Yellowstone National Park

Parking lot argument at Yellowstone
Viral Hog

Considering people come from all over the world to visit the world’s oldest national park, Yellowstone National Park, dropping a boatload of money on flights, living arrangements, and park passes, you can imagine there’s bound to be some parking lot issues.

And let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the countless videos of morons getting run over by animals at the park… it’s not exactly known for bringing out the best and brightest. I 100% expect to hear stories of people arguing for simply “getting in somebody’s way.”

However, this might be the most petty video I’ve seen in a hot minute, and further proof that even grown-ass adults can act like children too… over a parking spot.

A video has surfaced of a few tourists bickering over who gets an empty parking spot.

Okay, okay, I can sympathize with the frustration, considering these people probably traveled for hundreds or thousands of miles just to get to this point, and all they want to do is set out and enjoy the day. Except, this one woman tried to reserve a parking spot in the most “Karen” way possible, and I simply cannot sympathize with this move.

In the video, you can see a woman sitting down directly in front of a parking spot, like she’s at some kind of protest or something.

Some people walk over, and appear to get into a verbal argument with the woman, while another car is trying to simply park in probably one of the last few remaining parking sports available. Cooler heads seem to prevail, but laying down in the parking spot… just an all-time, hilarious Karen kind of move. Getcha ass up before you get run over lady. You’re laying in the road like a damn fool.

Check it out:

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