The ‘GTA 6’ Trailer Is Finally HERE, & It Looks To Be Well Worth The Decade-Long Wait

Rockstar Games

Calling all video game fans! The long (and I mean really long) wait for the new Grand Theft Auto is finally over…sort of.

Rockstar Games, the developers of the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption video game series, decided to drop the trailer for their highly anticipated installment a little early. The sneak-peak of Grand Theft Auto VI was initially set for the morning of December 5th, but after the trailer was leaked online, Rockstar decided to get out in front and release the video earlier than they expected.

The developers didn’t sound too enthused when they made the announcement of the trailer drop on social media:

“Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube.”

You know how I said the wait is “sort of” over earlier? That’s because the exciting trailer for GTA VI is officially here, and let’s us know at the very end that it will be available on all video game platforms in 2025. Just doing some quick math here, that means fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will have to wait an additional year to play the free-roam, crime friendly video game set once again in Vice City (basically a parody of Miami).

Though it is disappointing that the game still has a year before it reaches the consoles and TV screen of players, the trailer itself is magnificent. Borrowing the song “Love Is A Long Road” by the late, great Tom Petty seems to perfectly fit with the storyline, which will feature the game’s very first female protagonist since the GTA series began in 1997. And the graphics…don’t even get me started.

Fans have loved the Grand Theft Auto games mainly for their open, flexible storylines and their free-roam, role play stylings. Each installment has made the experience that much more immersive, and the trailer for the upcoming edition continues to push the limits of realism within video games. Grand Theft Auto V was widely acclaimed when it came out in 2o13, and it has continued to be one of the most played games online, even though it’s now 10 years old (my parents had to buy it for me when it came out, that’s how old it is).

Every Grand Theft Auto game has topped the last one, and if GTA VI manages to do that, it would be quite the impressive feat. And this might just be recency bias, or pent up excitement for the game, but by the looks of the minute and a half long trailer, it will certainly have the ability to trump its predecessor.

Check it out:

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