“It Doesn’t F**king Matter” – Kristin Cavallari Get FLAMED For Her “Sex On The First Date” Advice

Kristin Cavallari
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After spilling the beans about who her steamiest hook-up was, Kristin Cavallari is back in the press, but this time not in the best light.

Cavallari has always been very candid on her podcast about all aspects of her life, from life updates to dating fashion and more. She leaves it all on the mic. On a recent episode of Let’s Be Honest, Cavallari is getting flamed for a dating hot take.

During the episode’s question and answer section, a listener asked how soon it was to sleep with someone you were dating. While Cavallari is no dating coach, she was ready to jump in with her thoughts on the matter.

“I don’t think it f*king matters. 

It doesn’t f*cking matter if you sleep with him on the first date or the tenth date.”

She added that she’s been making her boyfriends wait the past couple years, but still says it doesn’t matter. She also says that a “relationship coach” she followed said that 90% of couples this coach has worked with slept together on the first or second date.

She wraps up her quick response with that she just all and all doesn’t think it matters:

In the Call Her Daddy era of podcasts, I bet that when she clipped this podcast segment to share on her Instagram, she didn’t think it would lead to this amount of hate. But… she was wrong. The comment section is BRUTAL.

And granted, it’s always a mixed bag, but the overwhelming majority of top comments seemed to disagree wholeheartedly with her take. People were lighting her up, saying how bad the advice was (especially for young girls) and taking jabs at her for giving this advice after her divorce.

“Trash advice. Respectfully”

“TRASH ADVICE from a totally unreliable source.”

“Please have more self respect than to follow this “advice”

“Except it does matter SO MUCH .”

“NO MA’AM! This is the worst advice from a non-expert that gets women hurt.”

“I’m not here to bash, but since she’s divorced, she probably shouldn’t give relationship advice.”

“No, girl, it most certainly DOES matter!”

“Chemistry is not an indication that you are with the right person. This is terrible advice.”

“This is the absolute worst advice to give to young females, especially in today’s society.”

“If you treat intimacy like is not important then it won’t be- you set the standards. I completely disagree.”

“As a man, I’m sorry, but I think less of a woman that sleeps with you on the first date.”

“Know your worth. That goes for men and women. I hope that no one actually takes this advice seriously.”

“This is possibly the worst advice you could give, hands down.”

“I like you Kristin but this is bad advice. Young women look up to you and I think this is the wrong message. It does matter.”

“It’s sad that she is giving this kind of advice when thousands of young women are looking up to her.”

“I disagree. We live in a hookup culture and if you’re looking for something sustainable and lasting, sleeping with them right at the get go is not the way.”

“Soul ties are a real thing. Youre absolutely damaging yourself if you sleep around and give it up to anyone you have chemistry with.”

“People voluntarily listen to this? We are doomed.”

“Why are we take dating advice from women who’ve made their fortune off of toxic relationships on reality TV.”

Nick Viall, a Bachelor alum, took to the comments saying:

“I hear no lies.”

And he is also getting flamed by Instagram users…

She asked in the caption of the Reel for people to give their opinions of what they thought, and BOY, did these followers not hold back. Be careful what you ask for…

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