Jay Cutler’s Ex-Wife Kristin Cavallari Reveals The Hottest Person She’s Hooked Up With… And It’s Not Him

Kristin Cavallari
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You always like to think that you’re the better-looking half after a split… well until your ex goes on a podcast and reveals the hottest person they’ve been with. Unfortunately for Jay Culter, his ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari, went on a podcast this week revealing who her hottest hook-up was.

On a recent episode of her podcast Let’s Be Honest, Cavallari opens up about the hottest person she’s been with, and the answer might shock you. The Hills alumn shared that previous Bachelorette contestant, Tyler Cameron, is the steamiest hook-up she’d had.

“Tyler Cameron, and believe it or not, you guys — I know this is really freaking hard to believe — he’s hotter in person.”

While Cavallari keeps the timeline of when the two got together in the dark, there is speculation that it happened near the time he appeared in a photo shoot for her jewelry brand, Uncommon James. The images of Cavallari’s legs wrapped around the heartthrob have since been deleted from social media.

“It’s insane. It’s insane. So yeah, TC for you, baby.”

She also noted Cameron’s looks.

She denied that the two had chemistry and was giving her answer based on looks alone. Cavallari shut down the rumors after Cameron made the photoshoot appearance. She spoke about it publicly on The Bellas Podcast. 

“I mean, that’s why I hired the guy, to get press. It worked. I was like, ‘Check that box.’ Everyone’s like, ‘Tell me everything.’ I’m like, ‘I think he’s great, but… we are not dating.’

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Kristin and Jay Culter called it quits on their marriage in 2020, with the divorce finalizing in 2022. The divorce was rather messy, with cheating rumors flying around months before filing and a long, drawn-out process of splitting assets as Cutler wanted half of her business of Uncommon James.

Maybe after hearing he doesn’t rank as the hottest man she’s been with, he should have fought a little harder for that one…but I mean, have y’all seen Tyler Cameron?

How does it feel to live out most girls’ dreams, Kristin?

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Jay Cutler Reportedly Wanted Half Of Kristin Cavallari’s Business In Their Divorce

Jay Cutler was out here trying to get PAID again – just not on the football field anymore. Cutler’s divorce from Kristin Cavallari got pretty heated, as it was even reported that Cutler is seeking half of Cavallari’s lifestyle brand, Uncommon James, in their divorce settlement.

According to TMZ, Cutler believes that he should get half of the business because it was launched by Cavallari during their marriage, well before the couple filed for divorce in 2020. Cavallari (obviously) disagrees, claiming that Cutler didn’t put any money into the business and that she funded it herself.

A 2018 clip also resurfaced from the couple’s TV show, Very Cavallari, which features Kristin giving her thoughts on the matter:

“He thinks he owns half of this company and he does not. That is not on our non-existent prenup.”

(No prenup? Ouch).

Well, Cavallari wasn’t the only one who made her thoughts known on the issue of whether Cutler should get his half of the business.

A bunch of current and former NFL players have also chimed in, and they’re LOVING the fact that Cutler is trying to get his bag.

We’ll have to see how this turns out, but it looks like it’s going to get ugly.

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