Hilary Duff’s (AKA Lizzie McGuire) Butt Goes Viral With Gym Picture & The Internet’s Commentary Is Hilarious

Hilary Duff
BG020/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The way I ran to Twitter when I heard Lizzie McGuire was trending.

Hilary Duff, who is widely known for the Disney character she played during the hit show Lizzie McGuire, isn’t the childhood star fans remember anymore, and a recent picture of the star out and about is nearly breaking the internet.

It’s like Lainey Wilson’s mania all over again — not musically but for her backside. Hilary Duff (or Hilary “Buff”) is reigniting crushes from those who turned into Lizzie McGuire growing up.

The 36-year-old actress was spotted during a fitness class sporting leggings and a white muscle tank, but the internet’s attention is more focused on her…assets than on the fact she is getting fit.

The responses on Twitter are better than anyone could have imagined. With the picture having over 7.8 million impressions, to say her assets made an impression on the platform’s users is an understatement.

While the majority of tweets are about her appearance, there is a handful of users who saw her trending and were hoping it meant the teased reboot of the show was going to happen. Given how viral this photo is and how much chatter surrounds it, maybe Hilary Duff at the gym was the final push to get the Lizzie McGuire reboot to come to life.

Regardless, she has got Twitter singing the chorus of “Hey Now” because the collective seems like this picture is “what dreams are made of.”

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