Tyreek Hill Scores Yet Another Insane Long TD, Has Dolphins Join Him For A God-Tier Roller Coaster Celebration

Tyreek Hill Dolphins

For those who spot started Miami Dolphins running back De’Von Achane in fantasy football on this fine Sunday, shield your eyes.

Not that Tua Tagovailoa made a bad decision chucking the ball downfield to Tyreek Hill in a one-on-one matchup, but Achane was streaking open down the opposite sideline on the Cheetah’s 78-yard jet to the end zone.

…But if Achane were the one to haul this in, there’s no telling if we would’ve gotten a beautifully choreographed touchdown celebration of many Fins strapping in to an imaginary roller coaster:

We had better get a Hard Knocks-style explanation for this on Tuesday. How on earth does Miami have this explosive of an offense and continue to have this much fun when they score? Tyreek in particular is super innovative in this regard. Whether he’s backflip-selfie-ing, joining fans in the stands, or simply handing the ball to his mother (or trying to!), the Cheetah is sure to have a weekly plan when he makes his intended trips across the goal line.

Should still be plenty of eating to go around for the rest of the Dolphins’ multitude of skill position players, including Achane. They entered as massive favorites against Washington, who thought it prudent to trade away its two top pass-rushers in Montez Sweat and Chase Young prior to the NFL trade deadline. Good look, Commanders! One of the few things you had going for you!

Tyreek made a commendable gesture of paying the salary of the photographer whose phone he snatched for the backflip selfie. Said photographer had collaborated with Tyreek but was suspended for his “role” in the celebration. Since the NFL is a No Fun League at times, it’s nice to see that the officials are letting Miami’s elaborate post-TD dances fly for the time being. I guess the Cheetah just has to make sure he doesn’t flash the peace sign.

Given how silly Tyreek makes every defense look when he’s left in man coverage, if I were game-planning against the Dolphins, I would literally double-or triple-team him on every snap. Let Jaylen Waddle cook me if it’s gonna happen. Then again, Tyreek might be so fast that coverage is irrelevant. Who knows?

Whatever is being attempted to stop him, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel seems to be scheming one step ahead. To the point where things are so easy that the Dolphins have plenty of free time to coordinate epic cellys like this latest one.

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