Roger Goodell Reportedly Wants To See The Tush Push “Removed From The Game Permanently”

Jalen Hurts
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This is such glorious news. As polarizing as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been, this is most definitely a good fire take of his. If what’s being reported is true, that is. Little reason to believe it isn’t.

Yours truly believes the Philadelphia Eagles’ patented Brotherly Shove aka Tush Push is, to quote Happy Gilmore‘s Shooter McGavin, “a disgrace to the game!” It is. No way around it. Cheap. Dangerous for the players. Damaging for a QB who can’t squat the planet like Jalen Hurts. It looks like sh*t and stinks to high heaven of cheating the spirit of the game. And if Goodell has anything to say about it, guess what? IT’S GONE, BABY!!

Dianna Russini of The Athletic brings great Tush Push news with her in a report that dropped on Saturday:

“It’s apparent this is going to be heavily debated among the competition committee made up of owners, general managers and coaches. It’s important to note that there isn’t a single person from the Eagles organization on the competition committee.

However, three of their divisional opponents are represented: New York Giants owner John Mara, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones and Washington head coach Ron Rivera. Though it will all come down to the voting, the most important opinion about the play may come from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

I was told by a league source that Goodell wants to see this play removed from the game permanently. If he gets his way, expect the Philly boos to be unbearable.”

Love how the rest of the NFC East has representatives on the competition committee and the Eagles don’t. HAHA.

Come on, I can’t be the only one who feels this way, can I? Credit the Eagles for innovating and finding a cheap-but-effective way to pick up a virtually guaranteed yard. I guess. I don’t know. I still can’t get over it.

The thing totally inflates the legacy of Philly quarterback Jalen Hurts by beefing up his rushing touchdown total and lending legitimacy to the notion that he’s deserving of league MVP.

Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Jalen Hurts. Dude is a boss. The Brotherly Shove, though? Sorry, man. That ain’t it.

Tell me you didn’t cringe when you watched the Eagles Tush Push their way to multiple short-yardage conversions against the Dolphins earlier this season. It’s objectively a bad product on the field. F*ck that noise. Please get it off my TV screen forever, Goodell. Do something right if you’re not going to ban Deshaun Watson for life.

I see why other teams are trying to replicate this play because of how unstoppable it is. Let’s just hope the competition committee comes to their senses, listens to Goodell on this one and outlaws it. Hell, Goodell should just write the presidential equivalent of an executive order. No democratic vote necessary.

And no veto power from any other governing bodies in this case. Checks and balances? What even is that? Doesn’t Goodell have free, arbitrary rein over any matter he so desires? Why should that change here?


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