Eagles Star Jordan Davis May Be Physically Imposing As Hell, But His Singing Voice Is Like An Angel Pouring Honey In Your Ear

Jordan Davis

Many NFL fans at least have a soft awareness of the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles love to make music in a recording studio. They released a highly successful Christmas album last year, and have another one on the way titled A Philly Special Christmas Special.

This year’s edition adds an extra “Special” to the title, whose namesake comes from the iconic trick play that helped the Eagles win Super Bowl LII. It’s a great initiative. Money made from the albums go to local Philly charities. You love to see it.

But I don’t know if people quite understand just how much genuine talent the Eagles have in their building. I knew for a fact that left tackle Jordan Mailata had pipes to kill for before I saw the video below. Turns out, massive defensive tackle Jordan Davis has — to paraphrase Will Ferrell from Step Brothers — a singing voice that’s some sort of mashup between Fergie and Jesus. Only maybe better.

@nfl his tone is immaculate ✨ #jordandavis #jasonkelce #philadelphiaeagles #aphillyspecialchristmas #nfl ♬ original sound – NFL

Imagine being gifted with as much athleticism as Davis has, and packing that into 6-foot-6 frame that could carry 341 pounds and still run a 4.78-second 40-yard dash at the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine. How cool would that be?

How about having the capacity to chase down Josh Allen in a live NFL game and reach a top speed of almost 17 miles per hour? Even cooler.

You ever crank up the ol’ treadmill to, say, 10 mph? Now try considerably faster than that while wearing football pads. I’m convinced this dude isn’t real. Glitch in The Matrix alert.

THEN, whichever supernatural force of nature created Davis decided to sprinkle in “mind-bending singing talent” as part of the grand package of a human that he is. I don’t know whether to have a talent crush on Davis or just to be outright raging-jealous of him. Think I’ll lean toward the former for now. Seems healthier!

I have to credit Ryan Gosling for this headline. It comes from probably the best press junket interview of all-time alongside Harrison Ford whilst promoting Blade Runner 2049. Delightful watch. Highly recommend.

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