Dylan Wheeler Drops Modern-Day Outlaw Anthem “Outcast Crowd”

Dylan Wheeler country music
Dylan Wheeler

An anthem for all those who feel like they are chasing dreams no one understands.

Dylan Wheeler is BACK with his first single since 2022. And this one rips.

The East Texas native is known for running with the top dogs of the Texas and red dirt independent country scene, and “Outcast Crowd” highlights why his fan base is multiplying outside of the Texas scene.

His heavy southern rock sound is paired with a songwriting soul, creating a unique blend of head-banging and lyrics that can make you think.

Wheeler blew up with the success of his 2019 tracks “Broke Ass Kid” and “Outcast Crowd,” which is the evolution of that kid growing up and how he sometimes still feels like he doesn’t fit in. The character goes from “just a broke-ass kid beatin’ on his guitar” to being someone who only “f*ck(s) with the outcast crowd.” He even gives a nod to the 2019 single in the chorus, highlighting the track that kicked off his career.

The heavily rock-influenced song highlights taking a different path, possibly one of a musician, chasing your dreams and still making it by but having judgments cast your way due to the lifestyle you choose to live.

The song’s chorus wrestles with what people might deem bad, but he feels okay because he knows his friends who see his dreams support him, and he’s doing alright.

“Hell yeah, my truck smells like weed
Hell yeah, my bills are paid
Your mom says I taste like whiskey
I must be doing okay
My tattoos show, my hair is long
Just a broke ass kid, but I still got it going on
My temper’s short, I’m way too loud
I only f*ck with the outcast crowd.” 

The mantra of living for yourself and what makes you happy rings throughout this track, with some Texas country twangs and rockin’ guitar riff ripping through the speakers.

Put this one max volume.


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