Bobcat Attacks Woman & Her Dog As They Frantically Run Back To Their House

bobcat chase dog
YouTube/It's A Wild Life

You might think that bobcats are nothing to really worry about due to their small size and stature, but you’ll probably change your tune after watching this scary wild cat encounter.

Owning a dog often requires you to take your “good boy” or “good girl” on walks, and that’s often a mutually beneficial practice for dogs and their owners. Puppers need exercise to stay healthy, just as we humans can benefit from getting the blood pumping every so often.

You know what exercise really gets the blood pumping? Defending yourself and your dog from a wild, rabid bobcat, and trying to keep the small-but-deadly animal out of your house as you try to evade its attack.

I can’t imagine being on a peaceful walk with my dog and it turning into a legitimate fight for survival. This poor woman was screaming bloody murder as her dog walk quickly turned into a “dog run” away from the advancing and aggressive wild cat coming after her.

Yelling “get away from me” wasn’t doing the trick for the bobcat, who kept coming after the woman and her dog despite the many deterrents it was facing. What ever happened to the old saying of “they’re more afraid of us than we are of them?” That phrase did not hold true in this heart-pounding situation. Not even a little bit…

The woman did her best to get her and her pet into the safety of her home, but the bobcat stayed on their tail (at some points literally) and continued to put the fear of God into the woman and the dog. Dogs are usually good at defending their owners, yet the one in this video didn’t have many opportunities to considering that the woman was holding it up off the ground with its leash.

Towards the end of the video, it looks like the lady landed a kick to the bobcat’s face. Only reason I say that is because you can see the small wild cat (with a big amount of fight in it) back away briefly and shake its head. However, that might have been a bit of an acting job, because it somewhat disarmed the woman, and she opened her front door to try and get inside.

That’s when things really got hairy. The bobcat saw the opportunity and appears to have almost gotten inside the home, though the doorbell camera wasn’t able to capture that moment to confirm. We’re only able to tell that it was a pretty close call due to the woman’s continued screaming once she made it inside her own house. Things would have gotten really bad if the bobcat got inside, but you can see it calmly walk off moments after the door is slammed shut.

It’s not a stretch to say that the video below was a real rollercoaster, and should act as a warning for the rest of us not to mess with bobcats:

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