Bison & Their Calves Stir Up Dust Stampeding Down Steep Hill Onto Bridge

Bison stampede

If I was able to witness a herd of bison and their calves stampeding like this, I would have two thoughts running through my mind:

-Wow, what a beautiful display of movement in nature, and it’s great to see the full grown bison sticking with and leading their calves

-What in the hell, if anything, are they running from? Should we be following their lead and take off in the opposite direction?

You’d probably be thinking one of those two things as well (or maybe even both) if you were there when 50 plus bison came sprinting down a hill and across a bridge. Those that were there respected the massive beasts, stopping their vehicles and letting the herd run through before traffic resumed.

Which, if we are being totally honest here, a traffic jam due to a herd of bison would be a lot more enjoyable than just your typical, run-of-the-mill standstill traffic. I would rather watch these furry, one-ton animals running along with their offspring than a back of a Nissan Altima any day of the week.

In the video, you’ll see dust flying up into the air above a hillside as the full grown bison and their calves run at close to full speed down towards the bridge. I’m assuming they were just letting gravity take its course as they rode their momentum down the hill and onto the roadway (we’ve all been there right? walking down an incline at first and then sprinting just because it’s easier?).

And shoutout to the small bison calves for keeping up with their parents. That must have been no easy feat, yet they made it look like it was no problem at all. They’re really setting the tone for all of those people out there with short legs struggling to keep up with their taller friends (stay strong short kings).

The front of the herd kept up the running pace as they made it across the bridge, but those bison and calves that were towards the back brought it down to a “trot” speed as they came off of the hill and onto the road. I’ve never related with a wild animal more in my entire life. Running is no fun at all, and if you have the option of walking (or fast-walking and pretending like you are still jogging), always choose to do so.

You can view the beautiful nature scene in the video linked below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock