Two Raccoons Hilariously Freeze When They Get Busted Trespassing


How did this raccoon know that putting your hands up in the air is a universal sign of “I give up?”

There’s an argument to be made that the little bandit was putting its paws up in the air to try and appear larger, but the way that it raised its arms really makes it look like it was waiving the white flag and knew it had been caught.

Raccoons, also known as trash pandas, are some of the more interesting animals in the Animal Kingdom. They are as opportunistic as they come, eating basically anything they can get their tiny hands on. That’s why we often see them digging through trash cans, because as the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another raccoon’s dinner.

There’s a good chance that’s where these two raccoons were heading when the person taking the video knocked on the glass to let the two creatures know they had been spotted. At first, the two raccoons freeze up when they realize they’ve been caught, and then as if it was straight out of a children’s movie, one of the raccoons takes it a step further.

The camera pans over to one of the little guys standing up on his hind legs, holding his hands high up in the air like an old western cowboy had just told him to “stick em up.” If the plan was to “act normal,” the raccoon on the left certainly wasn’t doing that when the pair realized their cover had been blown.

Take a look:

How hilarious is that?

Everyone on social media was loving the strange acting raccoon, and made plenty of jokes in the reply selection below the post:

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