Retired Veteran Surprised With The Gift Of A Service Dog From The New York Giants

NY Giants service dog
NY Giants

A gift that will change this man’s life.

Moments like this can’t help but make you think that it doesn’t take a massive gesture to make a meaningful impact on someone’s life, but big gifts like this are extraordinary.

During this week’s New York Giants game, the team gifted a man with something that would change his life.

U.S. Navy Veteran John Mulvey attended the game, and the NFL team brought him down to the field to honor his dedication to our nation. Mulvey is a 36-year veteran who was deployed nine times throughout his service in the military. He served in Desert Storm, Haiti, the Gulf Wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, and during 9/11 recovery. Retiring in 2016, he earned the rank of Master Chief E-8.

The stadium is cheering wildly for Mulvey for his service. Then the announcers go off script for Mulvey, and as an adorable golden retriever is led onto the field, the announcers surprise Mulvey with the greatest gift:

“After 36 years of service, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder, we know how life changing a service dog can be. 

The Giants, along with JK Consulting and Window World, would like to present you with a healing leash. A service dog named Storm. Trained by the Paws of War to assist you throughout your daily life. John, thank you for your service to our country.”

The sweet English cream golden wearing a New York Giants harness is led to Mulvey and his family, and it looks like love at first sight. The dog jumps up onto its new owner. Mulvey leans down and starts to pet the dog with a look of thankfulness.

Given that a properly trained service dog can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000, this gift is more than meaningful to Mulvey and his family and is truly life changing.

Pull out a tissue before you watch this one.

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The comments were flooded with endearing messages and thanks to John for his service:

Oh gosh. Storm went straight into his arms. He knew he was home. Thank you, sir. Now it’s time for you to be taken care of!”

“That dog was trained well. So calm and already making sure his owner wasn’t overwhelmed.”

“I’m crying for everybody. The dog getting a new job, the guy who needed him, and the trainer who’s gonna miss him.”

“To hear his list of tours.. nine tours. This man has seen things we can’t imagine. We owe him so much. Thank you for your service, sir.”

“Storm said: “You’re my human now.” I got you.”

“This is beautiful. Thanks to the Giants for such a wonderful gift. Thank you, John, for your service.”


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