Crowd Went Bananas When Donald Trump Walked The Field During Halftime Of The South Carolina-Clemson Game

Donald Trump South Carolina
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

The Donald is back in the sports headlines after he made an appearance at yesterday’s Clemson-South Carolina game at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina.

With South Carolina being the home state of Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley, you might expect a mixed reaction… it was anything but.

45 came out and walked the field at half time to thunderous applause in the Palmetto State.

There was also your fair share if “USA” chants breaking out while Trump was in a suite watching the game:

He garnered a similar reaction when he entered UFC 295 alongside Dana White, Kid Rock and Tucker Carlson. Well, similar except for Bill Burr’s wife…

You have to imagine coming to a game in South Carolina was a strategic part of the campaign strategy for Donald Trump and company, Although I can’t imagine a scenario where Nikki Haley is the nominee, it’s not hard to see why The Donald would want to establish some positive rapport in her home state.

And what better way than football?

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