This Colgate Ad With Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh Could Not Have Aired At A Worse Time

Robert Saleh

The New York Jets season continues to be a tragic comedy.

“Gang Green” had so much hope before the year got going with the new addition of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but as you probably know, that excitement only lasted a couple of minutes into the season (Rodgers could still come back this season though).

Once Aaron went “out for the season,” the Jets turned back to their former high round draft pick Zach Wilson to quarterback the team, and that went horribly. Wilson was benched after last week’s performance when he failed to complete a pass to a wide receiver (which is kind of his job) for the entire game.

So in yet another desperate attempt to save their season (trust me, there have been plenty of them), New York turned to a backup by the name of Tim Boyle in hopes of giving the Jets the spark they needed to stay in the playoff race. Guess how that’s been going?

I could explain it with words, but instead, I’m going to direct your attention to this video of how the first half ended.

The Jets called upon Boyle to throw a Hail Mary, hoping that they could steal some points before going into half time, and it went about as bad as it could have gone:

Hilarious and tragic at the exact same time, just like every game the Jets have played so far this season.

And to add salt to the wound for New York Jets fans, almost right after that horrific 99-yard pick six by the Miami Dolphins that dug an even deeper hole for “Gang Green,” a Colgate commercial starring Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh was played in the commercial break.

The commercial puts the coach in a hypothetical premise of “protecting a lead,” which New York has not had the luxury of doing much this season. While he appears to be “looking over” his play sheet, the camera angle changes to reveal that he was actually brushing his teeth.

If the Jets were leading the game, the advertisement might have gone over smoothly, but considering their recent struggles (and the fact they had just given up a 99-yard defensive touchdown), it was probably the worst timing that could have happened:

Absolutely hilarious…

The internet has been having a field day with the bad timing of the Colgate advertisement, but it can be best summed up by Robert Saleh himself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock