Shirts Come Off, Bottles Smashed On Heads During Wild Thanksgiving Brawl At Massachusetts Restaurant

bar fight

Isn’t Thanksgiving supposed to be all about being thankful for what you have?

Well apparently one group didn’t get the memo while out at a restaurant in Saugus, Massachusetts on the night before Thanksgiving – commonly known as Blackout Wednesday, the night when people return to their hometown and get absolutely sh*tfaced.

A massive brawl broke out at the Kowloon Restaurant, with video of the wild scene showing two guys throwing haymakers at each other as a woman walks up to the two and smashes a bottle over one of their heads.

One guy (who doesn’t even look to be involved in the fight) takes his shirt off and then…just watches from the sideline. I guess he wanted to be ready to jump in if needed?

And the guy filming is just sitting back and enjoying the chaos:

“Yo this place is it!”

Another angle shows a different girl trying to break it up, as blood pours down the face of one of the guys in the fight, before police jump in to attempt to settle things down.

According to NBC Boston, officers were already stationed at the restaurant to provide security during the pre-Thanksgiving rush, and the on-site officers were able to break up the brawl. No arrests were made, but police are still investigating to determine whether anybody will be charged (including the girl who was smashing bottles over heads).

Saugus Police Department Chief Michael Ricciardelli issued a statement on the incident:

“The Kowloon is a family-friendly restaurant, unfortunately a few unruly patrons ruined a nice evening for many others. A disturbance such as this on Thanksgiving Eve is unacceptable and disgusting.”

And the owner of the restaurant, Bob Wong, said it’s generally not a place where you’d expect a fight to break out:

“You know we’re not really known for a place with people getting drunk and having fights,” Wong said. “Back in the old days, it would’ve just been a fight. But because social media is involved, it becomes bigger than it is. It’s a little more sensationalized I guess…

Every once in awhile, you get two people together whether it’s here, at a football game, anywhere, it can happen anywhere, it could happen in your own house. You got family members who don’t get along.”

Blackout Wednesday is undefeated.

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A beer bottle on a dock