Miranda Lambert Says Trisha Yearwood’s Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Is A Staple On Her Family’s Table

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A day away from turkey time.

While I am sure some people might still be debating how to prepare their turkeys, others have it all figured out. Once you find that recipe that makes for easy prep and leaves you without a dry turkey, it’s hard to stray.

But Miranda Lambert is making a case that Trisha Yearwood‘s Thanksgiving turkey recipe might be one to try.

Miranda Lambert shares that her family has been making their Thanksgiving turkey the Trisha Yearwood way for over a decade, and they love it so much that Lambert asked Yearwood to appear in her Y’all Eat Yet? with the recipe.

“We started doing the Trisha Yearwood Thanksgiving turkey as a family about a decade ago. And it has been a staple on our holiday tables for a long time. So we really felt strongly about asking Trisha to make an appearance in our book with her turkey, and she said yes.”

I know my family is constantly swapping turkey recipes, from traditional oven cooking to smoking, so when I heard Lambert say that it has been a consistent part of her family tradition for that long, I jumped to find the recipe.

Trisha Yearwood calls her turkey the “no-bast, no-bother turkey,” which sounds right up my alley. I am a sucker for a prep it and then leave it to do its thing kind of recipe.

“You put the turkey in (the oven) and you turn it off after an hour. Through the night, that hot heat is still cooking it as it cools down. When you get up in the morning, it’s fully cooked, it’s tender, it’s perfect.”

She once told Good Morning America.

“It’s not too juicy, it’s not too dry, and you don’t have to stay up all night basting your turkey. I’m telling you, this is going to change your life.”

Lambert even commented on how much her grandmother likes the recipe; from her description, it sounds like she is a harsh critic.

“Trisha’s turkey is Nonny-approved, and that’s not easy to do. So go, Trisha.” 

@mirandalambert We make Trisha Yearwood’s Turkey recipe every year, and Trisha graciously let us include it in my cookbook ‘Y’all Eat Yet?’ 🦃🍛 #happythanksgiving #thanksgivingtradition #thanksgivingturkey #thanksgiving ♬ Thanksgiving – Gmac Cash

I can’t say I’m surprised it would please a crowd, though. Her cooking show would have more than likely been cut short if the market reviews were coming back saying her advice led to inadequate fixings.

If you haven’t figured out how to prepare your bird for tomorrow or fancy trying something new, check out the full recipe in Trisha Yearwood: Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen or Miranda Lambert’s Y’all Eat Yet? book.

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