This Bull Moose Munching On Trees In A Parking Lot Is MASSIVE

bull moose

Growing up in South Carolina my whole life, I can say that I’ve never seen a moose in person before.

The closest I’ve ever gotten to seeing one of these creatures is through my phone or laptop screen, watching a video of some moron tourist approaching one at a national park like it’s a pony at a petting zoo, and almost getting wrecked.

So, videos like this one always give me a great perspective of just how massive these creatures are.

In this wild video, you can see a MASSIVE bull moose munching on some trees out in the snow, right in front of a gas station with several people standing around watching.

Needless to say, the video gives you great perspective of just how big these creatures get, as this son of a gun looks bigger than an SUV.

Bull moose average six feet tall at the shoulder, and can weigh up to 1,400 pounds, and this one is every bit of that and more.

I can’t imagine living in a part of the country where seeing a creature like this is relatively common.

In my neck of the woods, we only have to worry about deer and the occasional armadillo running in front of our cars at night.

Check it out:

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