Philadelphia Radio Station Bans Taylor Swift’s Music Ahead Of Eagles Matchup With The Chiefs

Taylor Swift
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Sorry Taylor, but you did this to yourself.

Now that Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce, the star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, she’s made her loyalties clear when it comes to who she’s rooting for on Sundays.

Taylor has already been spotted rocking Chiefs gear at several of their games this season, and was reportedly going to be in attendance at the Monday Night Football matchup between the Chiefs and the Eagles at Arrowhead Stadium this week until her concert in Brazil on Saturday night was rescheduled due to extreme heat.

But football rivalries run deep, and now that Taylor has pledged her allegiance to the Chiefs, apparently that’s created some “Bad Blood” with other teams. (See what I did there?)

Well ahead of the Kelce Bowl rematch, featuring Travis Kelce taking on his brother Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles for the first time since the Super Bowl earlier this year, one Philadelphia radio station is making it known that they stand with the hometown team.

Q102, a top 40 radio station in Philly, has removed all of Taylor Swift’s music from their radio station ahead of the matchup.

According to Q102 radio host Nugget:

“Q102 is punting Taylor Swift from the radio station for the entire weekend because while Q102 loves Taylor Swift, we can’t get enough of her, this weekend it’s really important we show our support for the Birds.”

Of course Taylor’s music will return to Q102 on Tuesday after the game.

Unfortunately, with the pop star presumably having to miss the game on Monday due to her concert being rescheduled, that also means that the couple’s parents will have to wait to have their first meeting too.

It was reported that Swift’s parents were going to be in attendance with Taylor, and that this would have been the first time her parents met Travis’s parents, Donna and Ed Kelce.

Of course Taylor has already seemed to win over Kelce’s parents, with Ed Kelce praising the superstar for her down-to-earth personality:

“I’ll tell you something very special that I noticed about Taylor the first time I met her.

We were sitting in the suite, she gets up, and in the front room, she gets up to go get a drink or something, and she starts picking up empty bottles, cans, plates that are scattered around. Because in the suites, everybody gets stuff, and you empty it down wherever you can.

And I’m just thinking, I don’t think she got the diva memo. She didn’t get the spoiled musician. She doesn’t know how to pull that off. And that really, to me said a whole lot.

She’s very smart. I mean, very. That comes through right away.”

Hopefully since she’s not a diva, Taylor will be fine with her music being temporarily pulled from the radio stations in Philly.

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