Thanksgiving Revenge: Turkey Chases Kid Down The Street In Wisconsin

Turkey chases kid in Wisconsin

I’m afraid these turkeys are starting to catch on…

This time of the year has to be terrifying if you are a turkey. All of your brothers, sisters, and cousins are being slapped down onto Thanksgiving dinner tables after being basted and roasted in the oven for hours on end.

For turkeys, Thanksgiving is basically a living horror movie, and it looks like some of them are finally deciding to stand up for themselves and fight back. I might be exaggerating, though I can at least say that this turkey in Wisconsin definitely took matters into its own hands (talons?).

In the hilarious video, a person in the “Badger State” is driving along in a quiet, snow-covered neighborhood when they see a bearded turkey chasing after a small child. Both the kid and the turkey are absolutely scooting, and the little guy must have been screaming and running for his life from this big bird.

After a good seven seconds of the full sprint chase down, someone driving from the other direction finally decided to step in and help the little kid. Once the boy gets past the car, the vehicle pulls in between the child and the turkey, and the bearded bird gives up the chase.

Thank God someone intervened, because there’s no telling what kind of damage that turkey could have done. There was clearly some pent up anger (presumably about the uptick in turkey consumption during the Thanksgiving and holiday season) present in that turkey.

So when you are gathering around your table this Thanksgiving, make sure to give thanks that you’ve (hopefully) never been chased by a turkey. That looks like it would be just as much fun as those “Turkey Trot 5K’s” that people do for some inexplicable reason.

And by the way, the caption for the video is hilarious:

“I gotta move out of Wisconsin. I swear I see the weirdest sh*t.”

What do you think the odds are of that very same turkey ending up on a Thanksgiving table? With behavior like that, it’s definitely not going to be pardoned…

Social media felt bad for the kid, but at the same time got a pretty good laugh from the involuntary turkey trot:

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