Employees At A Taco Bell In California Threw A Wild, Sex-Filled Christmas Party At The Restaurant

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If Koe Wetzel ever hosted a party at Taco Bell, this is exactly how it would go down.

According to the New York Post, a Christmas party at a Los Angeles area Taco Bell turned into an all-out rager, which apparently included three-way sex and a boat load of hammered individuals, ultimately resulting in someone throwing up into a bowl of guacamole.

Alana Bechiom has filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell and a Colorado-based franchise owner, saying she was forced to quit her job as cashier at the restaurant after reporting the wild scene to human resources.

Bechiom said in the complaint that she, her sister, and her sister’s significant other attended the Christmas party at the Taco Bell in San Pedro, California on December 18th of last year.

Her supervisor, Lidia Ruiz, was the one who invited her, and is also named in the complaint.

The complaint states that Bechiom and others were encouraged to bring food in a potluck-style buffet, so she prepared a bowl of guacamole.

Once she arrived, she saw the windows of the restaurant covered with wrapping paper, and covered security cameras in the lobby.

The complaint accuses Ruiz of serving alcohol to the staff, and overserving a number of them.

At around midnight, Bechiom walked back into the restaurant after talking with others outside, and reportedly witnessed a co-worker having sex with his wife in front of everybody.

The co-worker’s wife was also reportedly bent over, and kissing both Ruiz and another co-worker, who goes by the pseudonym “Adriana” in the complaint.

When Bechiom went back to get her guacamole bowl, she saw Adriana and Ruiz throwing up, with one of them throwing up in the bowl.

Days later, Bechiom reported the scene to human resources, and the Alvarado Restaurant Group, which is the Colorado-based franchisee that owns the Taco Bell in San Pedro.

After an investigation, Ruiz and the other co-workers involved in the sexual activities were fired.

After the firing, Ruiz and the co-workers reportedly retaliated by smashing out Bechiom’s back left window of her car at her home in the middle of the night.

She also allegedly received threatening text messages, calling her “stupid n f*cked up,” a “hoe,” and “slut.”

She reported the incident to the LA Police Department and her superiors at Taco Bell. She also says in the complaint that the franchisee did nothing about the situation, and they said they were transferring her to a new location instead of disciplining the employees involved.

On Christmas Eve, the stress from everything going on ultimately resulted in her quitting.

I’m not sure if you could write a movie script wilder than this. Only in California, man.

But anyways, que Koe Wetzel’s “February 28, 2016.”

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