Kim Kardashian Named Man Of The Year By GQ Because Everything Is Stupid Now

Kim K
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What are we even doing here?

That’s the question that seems to be on a lot of minds after Kim Kardashian announced that she has been named GQ’s “Man Of The Year” for 2023, and will be featured on the cover of the magazine’s November 28 issue.


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Kardashian will be featured on the cover wearing a tie and eating a bag of Cheetos (you know, things that men do), and the magazine praises the reality star for her business empire, including her SKIMS line becoming the official underwear partner of the NBA.

But people in the comments are just…confused by the selection of Kardashian as “Man of the Year” considering she’s not…you know, a man.

“But why?!!!! Y’all celebs done lost your damn minds.”

“So they couldn’t get a real man for this.”

“But, you’re not a man.”

“Why? You are a women. This is just so stupid.”

“I don’t get it, but okay”

“This is some dumb sh*t, it’s called man of the year for a reason. What a joke this country has become.”

Others were upset at the move, and called it disrespectful to men:

“Is this real? Seriously? What an insult to men.”

“i just feel like this is taking away from the successful men”

And others pointed out the irony of Kim being named Man of the Year after her former stepdad, Caitlyn Jenner, was named “Woman of the Year” by Glamour back in 2015.

“I guess that makes sense if you think about her stepdad was woman of the year!”

“So lemme get this straight, Kim got man of the year and Caitlyn got women of the year”

Now, obviously this is just a marketing stunt. Nobody would even know who GQ’s Man of the Year was if they had gone with an actual…man.

It’s kind of like that episode of Parks & Recreation where Ron Swanson was named Woman of the Year because nobody cared about the award otherwise. This is just life imitating art at this point.

But it also proves just how stupid and useless these titles and lists are. They’re just made-up “honors” meant to generate clicks and headlines…and it’s obviously working, because here I am writing about it.

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