“Does That Help You Out With The Ladies?” – Wheeler Walker Jr. Superfan Shows Off Tattoo Of His Portrait

Wheeler Walker Jr
Wheeler Walker Jr.

Question for all of the girls out there. You’re on a first date with a man who tells you he has a portrait of Wheeler Walker Jr. on his leg… how are you reacting?

Even better, as a follow-up, you start dating a man, and 3 months in, you see this for the first time.

While many fans often draw inspiration for tattoos from their favorite artists, whether it be song lyrics, a mantra, or even a symbol that reminds them of their favorite musical talent…a full-on portrait of an artist is commitment. And I think it is even more commitment when the artist you are getting tattooed on you has songs like “F**k You B*tch” or “Sluts in Heaven.”

Fans attending Walker Jr.’s VIP acoustic set during the  Spread Eagle Tour are bringing all of the superfan goodies. From a couple revealing their first dance song was “God Told Me To F**k You,” to this fan, Gabe, who has a full-fledged portrait of Walker Jr. tattooed on his shin.

“I do have a tattoo of you on my leg.”

Gabe revealed during a pre-show acoustic set.

Wheeler, of course, after hearing that tidbit of information, was dying to see this tattoo. After some fans yelled for the man to take his pants off so they could see (don’t worry folks, he did not drop trou), Gabe rolled up his jeans to reveal a… beautiful (?) tattoo.

“Holy sh*t. Whoa. That’s one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. Gabe, that is f**kin’ awesome.” 

Wheeler says when he lays eyes on the portrait with the track “Summers In Kentucky” written in script under it. Unlike most Walker Jr. songs, “Summers In Kentucky” starts out relatively wholesome with lyrics of:

“Sneakin’ out of my house, I was just sixteenMet you in the dark down by the creekWe’d mess around until we got cold feetSummers in Kentucky they were hard to beat…

However, once you get to the chorus, you get that signature Wheeler Walker Jr. flair that fans know and love. Walker Jr. then asks a pressing question of if the tattoo helps him out with the ladies, to which Gabe replies:

“Um, no.” 

Walker Jr. then comes back with one of the most incredible responses I have ever heard.

“Yeah, trust me. I’ve got it on my face. I can’t imagine doing that voluntarily.” 

Wheeler Walker Jr. fans… man, they need a protective act on them. Truly one of a kind.

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♬ Born To Fuck – Wheeler Walker Jr.

And just in case you wanted to hear the full song that inspired the portrait; we’ve got it ready to listen.

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