Couple Reveals To Wheeler Walker Jr. That Their First Dance Song Was “God Told Me To F**k You”

Wheeler Walker Jr.
Wheeler Walker Jr.

Does this count as a modern-day love story?

When I tell you my jaw dropped while watching this video… My parents would rather be six feet in the ground before I said to them that ANY Wheeler Walker Jr. song was going to be used at my wedding, even more so if I said it was my first dance song.

Wheeler Walker Jr. just kicked off his Spread Eagle Tour right after the release of his raunchy rock ‘n’ roll album RamWhile the show might not be considered family-friendly by most (maybe your family has a no-filter household, and it flies), there’s no doubt that fans of Wheeler are showing up and showing out to belt out their favorite profanity-ridden lyrics.

Before he takes the stage, he does stripped-down acoustic sets for fans who purchase the VIP tickets and takes it as a chance to get to know his fans.

And wow, these people are right on brand for his music.

A couple that attended a recent one revealed that one of Wheeler’s songs was used as their first dance song. The song, you might ask?

“God Told Me To F**k You.”

If you aren’t familiar with the ditty, feel free to smash that play button and read a few of the lyrics.

“God told me to f**k youGod told me to lick your crotchGod told me to tell you to suck my d*ckHe told me he likes to watchPlease believe me, baby, it surprised me tooWhen God told me to f*ck you.”

After they told him that, he replied:

“Aww, that’s actually a sweet story; I like that.” 

The husband then made a comment about how Grandma didn’t like that choice. But let’s face it…if the happy couple wanted to dance to that song, let them dance to that song.

Of course Wheeler had a comeback for grandma to:

“You tell grandma I wrote that song about her?”

I’d love to have heard how this couple’s wedding guests reacted to this track.

If anyone else has used a Wheeler Walker Jr. song as their first dance choice, please let us know…I’m honestly dying to know. Even better if there’s video.

@wheelerwalkerjrBeen havin’ a blast at these pre show VIP’s

♬ God Told Me to Fuck You – Wheeler Walker Jr.

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