Oregon Police Officer Saves Deer Lodged In Metal Fence

deer in fence
Lake Oswego Police Department

This deer got stuck between a rock and hard place (actually just a gate) and needed the help of the police to break out from the bars.

Authorities helping something out from behind bars isn’t normally how it goes, but that’s exactly what happened in Oregon when a homeowner called 911 to report that a deer was in need of help in their community.

The Lake Oswego Police Department could have pushed that off to animal control, or even figured that nature would take care of itself, but they instead decided to answer the call and help out the wild animal in distress.

They showed up to the scene and quickly saw that a smaller deer had tried to run through a metal fence, and though it got its front half through, the animal’s hips got stuck, and it was no lie that the deer needed help (that was a lazy attempt at a Shakira “Hips Don’t Lie” joke, I apologize).

As another post from the Lake Oswego Police Department described:

“Fortunately, an officer was able to move the deer’s hind legs around and poke at it enough to set it free so it could hop away into the woods! This is another great example of our police officers demonstrating two of our values, excellence and service.”

While most of everyone in the reply section was grateful that the police helped the deer get out of the gate and on with its life, there were some people that thought it didn’t look too hard to dislodge the deer. There were a lot of people saying “I could have done that,” which is easy to say when you are sitting behind a screen.

If it was that easy, someone else probably would have gotten to it. The Lake Oswego Police Department prides themselves in their “no call is too small” mentality, and I’m sure they were more than happy to free the deer. Still though, the act of kindness wasn’t impressive for some users online (imagine that):

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