Oh To Be As Happy As This Crow Snowboarding Down A Snow Covered Rooftop On A Jar Lid

Bird skies down roof

While all of us are depressed that it gets dark at 4 o’clock now (thanks a lot daylight savings time), this crow is as happy as can be snowboarding on a snow covered roof top.

What can we humans learn from this video? Probably to find joy in the little things, just like this black bird did. The crow didn’t have a sled, or an actual snowboard, but that didn’t matter at all.

The smart crow found the lid of a jar and used it to become the Shaun White of the crow world, lid-boarding down the snow covered roof again and again just for sh*ts and giggles. Go ahead and insert all of the “crowboarding” or “snowbirding” puns here…

You might be thinking “there’s no way this crow was snowboarding on purpose,” and that’s a fair point to make. However, the fact that it slid down the roof on the lid, then picked up the lid and flew back up to the top just to do it again is all you need to see to know that it was totally snowboarding on purpose.

It’s also nice that the crow had a built-in ski lift with its wings. Anyone that’s ever been sledding knows that going down the hill is a lot of fun, but walking back up the hill sucks, and acts as a reminder of how out of shape you are.

The crow didn’t have to worry about that though, and was only worried about having the time of its life lid-surfing through the snow:

Absolutely incredible…

If that doesn’t get you into the winter or Christmas spirit, I don’t know if anything will. I can’t stop watching the crow snowboarding, and apparently neither can the rest of social media:

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